X-Ray Units for Sale:
2014 Siemens Horizon Multix Select DR Scanner
Tube is a Opti 135/30/55r
DOM on Tube: Sept 2014 (Never Replaced)
Detector is a Varian Paxscan (Never Replaced)
DOM on Detector: July 2014
More Images Available
Available August 2017
2003 Philips Easy Diagnost DSI
Image Intensifier: Tri
Hard Drives and Software Included
Tube Size: 65kW
Dual Monitors
Applications: General
DICOM: Transfer, Send, Print
CR RF Room
System Located on Ground Floor
System Fully Functional and Currently in Use
Very Good Cosmetic Appearance
Serviced by Philips
Located in CA
Available Sep 2017
Office: 205-823-7907