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1.5T 4CH CTL Spine Coil
Never Used Coil
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3T 32CH Cardiac Coil
Never Used Coil
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2003 Siemens Symphony Syngo MRI
Field Strength: 1.5T
Gradient Strength: 30/75- Sprint
8 Channels
Software Options: MRA, EPI, 3D, Neuro, Perfusion, Spect
Coils: Head, Neck, Spine, Knee, Shoulder, Extremity Coil, 2 Flex Coils
Workstation Included
Good working Condition and appearance
Under Service with Siemens
Located in IN

2003 GE Twinspeed MRI
Software Level: 11.1
Field Strength: 1.5T
Long Bore
Hard Drives Included
Gradient: SR80/SR150
Additional Workstation: ADW
Laser Imager; Fuji
Software Options: Perfusion, Diffusion, Neuro, MRA, FSE, Turbo,
Number of RF Channels: 8
Coils: Head 8CH, Extremity 1CH, Foot 4CH, Pelvis 8CH, Spine 8CH, N/V 8CH, Shoulder 4CH
All Coils are Functional
Crane Needed for removal
System on Ground Floor/ Wall Removal
Good working condition and appearance
Serviced: 3rd Party
Located MA