CT Scanners for Sale:
2006 Siemens Sensation 40 Open CT Scanner
Slices: 40
Options Installed on System: SW/FW Somaris/5_P30FL, SW-Key Sensation Open,
SW-Key Power Tube, SW-Key SYNGO, SW-Key HIS/RIS, SW-Key MPR, SW-Key MIP Image,
SW-Key 3D Volume, SW-Key 3D SSD, SW-Key CARE Bolus, SW-Key CARE_DOSE,
SW-Key Extended FOV, SW-Key MPPS, SW-Key Respiratory Retro, SW-Key HIGH_SPEED,
SW-Key Respiratory Pro,
THA Straton O
Cooling system W-W
ICS Tower 8A
Control Box P30
Gantry P30L
Tube Collimator P30L
Lasers and Dorado Bridge are included.
System on Ground Floor
Under OEM Service Contract
Approx 7 Patient a Day
Scan Seconds on Gantry: 446422
Tube in Good working condition
Last Tube Exchange: 10/2015; new
Software Level: VB42B
Cooling: Water
Chiller is on Roof
System in good working condition
Located in IL
Available Jan 2018
2007 GE Lightspeed VCT

XR-29 Compliant
Tube in good working condition
Last Tube Exchange: 7/2015
Type of Last Exchanged Tube: New
Tube: 47977331.5 mAs
Scan Seconds on Tube: 165490.2
Software Options: Perfusion, Bone Removal, Dose Package,
3D, Calcium Scoring, Cardiac Acquisition, Smart Prep,
AutomA, 3000 Image Series, Connect Pro, SmartScore Pro,
CardIQ Snapshot, EKG Viewer, SmartStep
Cooling: Air
Excellent Cosmetic Appearance
Located in Alaska
De-Installed on 7/17/17
Available Now
Office: 205-823-7907